The protection of your idea

A good idea is always worth protecting. But how do you do you protect your idea? How do you know if someone is imitating your idea or infringing on your patent and what do you do about when it happens which it almost inevitably will at some point in the life of the patent?
Patents4all specializes in patent protection and security. We ensure the protection of your idea.

It all starts with the patent

A patent will protect your idea for up to 20 years effectively granting you a monopoly on your idea. You must however determine in which countries you want your patent to be filed. Some products are limited to local markets; others are suitable to be filed in the U.S. EU or Asia. In the countries where your patent has been filed and granted, you can make claims for protection.

Patents4all protects your idea, pure and simple. And we have the expertise and resources to do a proper job of it.
Protecting an idea starts with one simple question: What other products resemble your idea and who might be infringing on your patent?

We will investigate these companies and their products and make a determination as to the possibility of infringement or misappropriation of your idea or invention. We carefully examine all of these products and the established patents on which they may be based If we suspect infringement, we will take immediate action. The infringing party is first given an opportunity to negotiate a proper licensing agreement with us.


To sue or not to sue

If negotiations are not successful, we will take all further steps as may become necessary up to and including litigation. If this does become necessary as a last resort, we collaborate with some of the world’s foremost law firms. Our aim is patently clear: we will not and do not accept infringement of any kind!