Monetizing your patent

Monetizing your patent

Patents4all provides the maximum return from your idea. Every inventor dreams of inventing something the whole world is waiting for and becoming wealthy in the process. Unfortunately, too often the reality is very different from the dream. All too frequently the inventor forgets to file a patent, or is late in filing the application. Even if he obtains a patent, it often proves a daunting task to monetizing. Finding the right licensing partners can be a very difficult, time consuming and expensive process with no guarantee of success at the end of the day. There simply has to be a better way, and there is.

Patents4all helps to ensure that all of the proper steps to get the most out of your great idea are taken. Patents4all aims to ensure that you earn as much money as possible from your idea, invention or patent.

It all starts with the patent.

The only way to properly protect your idea is to apply for and secure a patent and Patents4all specializes in helping you do that quickly, professionally and economically. Once the patent application has been properly applied we can start marketing.

Before we bring the patent to market, we do extensive market research. We look at the basis for the techniques set forth in the patent claims and determine which companies would be the most likely prospects to acquire a license to the patent.
In conjunction with our aggressive and dynamic marketing campaign we produce a short video presentation describing the patent and it’s applications. In a 30- to 60- second animated video, we show the patent the possibilities for licensing and production. In addition to the professionally produced video presentation we also create a full color a digital brochure for the patent. Needless to say, it would very difficult if not impossible for an individual inventor or patent holder to create similar materials without enormous and more likely prohibitive expense.

monetizing your patent

Monetizing: finding licensees

Once the marketing materials have been completed we approach the companies that have been identified in our exhaustive market research, and determine if their interest to purchasing a license to use the patent. A team of highly experienced and successful international sales tigers and closers who are very capable and passionate about what they do manages this process.

We share revenue

Should we close a licensing deal we take care of the financial settlement and the net revenue is then shared on a 50-50 basis. Without any significant effort or expense on your part, you will receive fully 50% of the royalties on your idea.
Due to the equal distribution of net income you can rest assured that we will as excited, enthusiastic and committed to making your idea a success in the market, as you are yourself.