About Patents4all

Patents4all was established in 2015 to help inventors, patent holders and innovative entrepreneurs to get a better return and more value from their patents. When one of our founders applied for a patent and it was granted, he was extremely proud. His patent is an impressive official document with a banner and a seal and it hangs to this day in a prominent place in his office.

Once his patent was granted his immediate questions were how do I make money with my patent and what do I do if someone tries to copy it or use it without my permission. He thought it was strange that no one could give him straight answers.

Thus, Patents4all was born.

about patents4all

We want to be there for inventors, patent holders and entrepreneurs who are struggling with their great idea. We help them with the application and maintenance (payment of taxes, expanding the protection in multiple countries) of their patents, but also find potential licensees, handle contractual and financial negotiations and administration while protecting against imitation, misappropriation and infringement. We are truly a one stop shop well versed in every aspect of the patent process.

Patents4all operates globally with head quarters in Bilthoven, the Netherlands. The world is our market and we enjoy excellent relationships with patent attorneys and experts in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, the UK, India, China and United States.