I want return on my patent

I want return on my patent

Congratulations, your idea has been granted a patent. Every inventor dreams of having a patent on something the whole world is waiting for and becoming wealthy in the process. This is the time your investment in time and effort should earn back. But how do you get return on patent? That is where the experts of Patents4all come in.

What do we do?

Our mission is to provide maximum return from your idea. Before we bring the patent to market, we do extensive market research. We look at the basis for the techniques set forth in the patent claims and determine which companies would be the most likely prospects to acquire a license to the patent. In conjunction with our aggressive and dynamic marketing campaign we produce a short video presentation describing the patent and it’s applications. In addition to the professionally produced video presentation we also create a Information Memorandum (IM) for the patent. This IM contains all the usefull information about the patent and its market. For an individual inventor it would be a lot of work to create similar materials.

Finding licensees

In our exhaustive market research we have identified a large number of international companies that could be interested in purchasing a license to use the patent. Our salesteam will not rest before they have contacted these potential licensees and sold the licenses.

We share revenue

Should we close a licensing deal we take care of the financial settlement and the net revenue is then shared on a 50-50 basis. So without any significant effort or expense on your part, you will receive fully 50% of the royalties on the patent. This equal distribution of net income assures that we will be as excited and committed to making your idea successful, as you are yourself.

Do you want return on patent?

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