I want a patent on my great idea!

I want a patent on my great idea!

A patent! When you have a great idea, you want to make sure that nobody will copy your idea. The only way to be sure that no one is allowed to copy your idea, is to apply for a patent. With a patent you obtain a monopoly for maximum 20 years. More than enough time to keep the copy cats away from you and to make money with your invention.

Applying for a patent: how does it work?

It all starts with absolute confidentiality. Make sure that you don’t talk about your idea, not with potential customers or business partners. Because if you or someone else discloses your invention, you can no longer apply for a patent! At Patents4all, it is our job to handle all information of our customers with utmost care and confidential. Otherwise we would have no reason of existence.
A Patent Patents4all
First thing we do, is a novelty search. Is your invention truely new and has it never been disclosed before? If the answer is Yes, we take the second step. The writing of the patent application.

The whole process will take about two weeks. We do our work carefully and exhaustively, so it is better to take our time. After these two weeks the application will be filed at the national or European patent office. From that moment on you have a priority date. An official date that proves that you are the first to have files this idea.

After a long time, 12 to 18 months, the patent office will grant the patent. But before that dat you can already start with the marketing and sales of your idea.

How can we help?

Please fill in this form, but do not yet disclose exact information about your invention. We will give you a call and explain the process. Then we will send you a word-doc to fill in all the details of the invention and an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement, a guarantee that we will handle all information about your invention with utmost care).